Monday, August 15, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (or monday)

I found this blog that has a hunt every Sunday a photo hunt. I love it and it make's be think outside of the box. So here they are:D

1.  Against the light
Sarah and Allison

2. Frame within a Frame

Not quite sure if this counts but I think it looks cool

3. Best part of my day

My little brother:) I love his smile. so cute

4. Buttons

5. Ink



  1. What a great set - I'm loving your first shot!

  2. First is da BEST! But the others are wonderful too.

  3. Love LOve your against the light idea. Wonderful

  4. Against the light has got to be my favorite!!! They are all great though! Good job!!!

  5. Great set, love your against the light!