Thursday, September 8, 2011

First day of School....

Normally the first day of school is a day that most teenagers and kids dread. My mom tries at making it the best day of the school year for all of us kids. Mom called a family meeting to start us off right. She wrote a list on the white board: the first was good attitudes (Don't we always have that?) the second got us going. It said Library cards. (Now if you live in the middle of nowhere you know what it's like to have only ten bookshelves at your library. For fun my mom brings us to library's in the city's.) The third made made me grin: bring your cameras. Turns out we were going to the library and to the Munsinger gardens!
   We all had a blast at the library and the gardens (My mom sure does now how to start school off good I mean how many schools go on a field trip the first day?) Hopefully the rest of the school year will be as good as the first  day:)