Thursday, November 8, 2012

Senior Pictures: Bethany

   I love having friends who don't mind me just taking pictures of them for fun. It helps me practice and it's just fun to hang out with friends while taking pictures.
  I've known Bethany for a couple of years. She's a lot of fun to hang out with and smiles a lot! She also is a natural in front of the camera. For this photo shoot one of my friends, Caitey came along and helped. I have broken two of my lenses so it was a huge help to have her there getting shots from different angles. All in all I would say I had an amazing time hanging with Bethany and Caitey. We walked quite a ways but it was awesome:) 
   And now for the pictures!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Fishing in Canada

   I've been wanting to tell you about my summer but, I just don't seem to have time. Thankfully I finally made time but then realized that I can't just write one post about my whole summer. I decided to start with the end of my summer because it was my favorite part. The best part of the whole summer in my opinion was our fishing trip in Canada. It was so much fun!
    In all there were 8 of us going fishing, Grandpa, my uncle and his two sons, Dad, J.J, Sarah and myself. We were flown on to a lake in the middle of nowhere (The lake was huge). It took two float planes to take us to our cabin because we had so much stuff! We went fishing all day, only stopping to have lunch back at the cabin. I had more fish during that week then all the fish I've ever eaten in my life. I loved it and was very sad to leave. I am so blessed to have been able to go on this trip:) 
    And now pictures from the coolest fishing trip ever! 

J.J and one of my cousin's fishing off the dock

J.J looked so cute.

The view was beautiful!

Grandpa and Sarah played cribbage every night.

This snapping turtle lived under our dock. I accidentally caught her while fishing off the dock...

My biggest fish!

The last night we stayed up late and played risk.

Our cabin and boats.

We got to eat a ton! we had bacon almost every day for breakfast:)

My cousin's biggest fish, his unfortunately was bigger than mine...

This is the lake we were on, it was huge!

The whole group.

The float plane that picked us up the last day.

All of our luggage (We don't pack lightly) 

I hope that someday we can do this again but if we don't I will always remember the best fishing trip ever!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Little Brothers

   Sometimes I feel like I'm a terrible photographer. Then I realize that yes I do need to work harder and practice more in order to be a better photographer.That is the whole reason why I asked J.J to do a photo shoot with me, I wanted to practice. I had to pay him to do it (In gum, all of my gum to be exact). Yes I know that sounds weird, but you would not believe how hard it is to make a little boy put jeans on and a nicer shirt just for pictures. I am now clean out of gum, but I have learned some things while working with J.J and Carson.

One of which is that little boys have trouble standing still.

If you give a boy some gum he's going to blow bubbles:)

Carson thought we were going to go play on the swings.....

So we did.

These are all of my younger siblings (Carson, J.J, Allison and Sarah). Let it be known that Allison is not taller than Sarah! She was just closer to the camera.

Isn't this a sweet picture? Thanks Sarah for jumping!

J.J and his bike. He rides it as much as he can.

I took this and the last picture in manual. I'm finally starting to understand it a little bit better.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Straight Out Of the Camera

   SOOC, in other words. I have so much trouble posting pictures that are straight out of the camera. I'm worried that people will think that I'm not a very good photographer if I don't edit my pictures. I have been learning more and more over the past three years that it's better to fix the picture while you're taking it rather than doing it afterwards. 
   For instance, you have a person in the middle of your view finder. How hard is it to move your camera to the side or up and down? Then the person is no longer in the middle but following the rule of thirds. Sometimes it doesn't always work that way, but most of the time you can fix it easily just by moving the camera.  I have been practicing those little fixes and it has helped me a lot. Once the picture is on the computer I don't need to edit it to make it look presentable.

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