Saturday, February 11, 2012

long time no blog!

Ok it's official I am the worst blogger out there:P The last time I actually posted was last year:( I wish I could keep up with this but I just never do:/ I'm gonna try one more time to blog more if I can't I'll stop blogging if I can well then great! 

and now the real reason for why I like blogging:D Pictures!!! 

this is one of my mom's nativity it's my favorite:)

One of my favorite Christmas presents I got last year.

Sarah and I had a photo shoot:) my shoes are the black ones hers are the grey ones.

 The camp good news bus is stored at our house I tried to get some creative shots of it.

This is part of the only chain link fence that we have on our land. Can you tell it's a heart?

The next few pictures I took while I was on a walk out in the woods.

Some of the foot prints in this picture are mine some are from deer some are from rabbits and some I hope are from dogs and not coyotes.

I took this picture a few minutes before the one above this but it's so weird to see the difference in them. one looks like winter one looks like fall.

I went on a retreat with my church youth group. we were at a beautiful camp way back in the woods, this was the sun rise:)


 And of course I've got to end with a picture of my awesome little brother Carson:)

Thanks for reading! sorry if it's hard to read I'm not much of a writer:/


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