Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines day........

Valentines day is probably the only holiday I completely forget about every year. In our family only my mom and dad get cards, gifts and flowers (mom gets the flowers not dad:D). Since we don't go to a public or a private school we don't get any of the drama everyone else does on Valentines day. These are my mom's flowers she got from dad:)

My mom's gift from dad for valentines day:)
(My mom's kinda crazy about tea and has wanted one of these tea pots for quite awhile)

I don't think I can blog without putting a picture of this little guy in everyone of my posts:) Carson is learning some sign language so we can tell what he wants. He knows the signs for: Horse, Please, Thank you, milk, more, pretzel , bubble, ball, and cheese. He looks pretty cute signing with his little fingers:)

J.J's turning 9 on Saturday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! love ya little brother, even if you didn't smile for this picture;)

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome week:)


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  1. JJ looks so grown up! 9 is a pretty big deal, but it looks he's taking it in stride. ;) Love the first photo...those little white flowers are my favorite!