Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow oh how I love you!

   We finally got a snow storm! It snowed for about 24 hours. It started snowing at 6pm on Tuesday and didn't stop snowing till about 4pm on Wednesday. It was probably the prettiest snow I've seen. It just came down and it kept coming it was just beautiful:)

My dad plowing. As you can tell it was still snowing when he plowed.

The field across from our house. This is not a grainy picture all those dots are snow!

Poor Apple Jack, the snow was all the way up to his belly in some places. 

J.J's the one with the creepy ski mask and Allison is the one with the neon orange hat:)

Enough about snow, Sarah got her braces off!!!!! Doesn't she look awesome?

I know I know I put a lot of pictures up of Carson but really he's so cute! He's signing horse here he's not quite got it right yet:)

It's Jess's 19th birthday tomorrow!!! Happy Birthday Jess! Love you a ton:)

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