Sunday, May 13, 2012

Straight Out Of the Camera

   SOOC, in other words. I have so much trouble posting pictures that are straight out of the camera. I'm worried that people will think that I'm not a very good photographer if I don't edit my pictures. I have been learning more and more over the past three years that it's better to fix the picture while you're taking it rather than doing it afterwards. 
   For instance, you have a person in the middle of your view finder. How hard is it to move your camera to the side or up and down? Then the person is no longer in the middle but following the rule of thirds. Sometimes it doesn't always work that way, but most of the time you can fix it easily just by moving the camera.  I have been practicing those little fixes and it has helped me a lot. Once the picture is on the computer I don't need to edit it to make it look presentable.

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  1. I like SOOC shots!!! =) Love the little boy with the water hose!!! so cute!!!