Monday, October 15, 2012

Fishing in Canada

   I've been wanting to tell you about my summer but, I just don't seem to have time. Thankfully I finally made time but then realized that I can't just write one post about my whole summer. I decided to start with the end of my summer because it was my favorite part. The best part of the whole summer in my opinion was our fishing trip in Canada. It was so much fun!
    In all there were 8 of us going fishing, Grandpa, my uncle and his two sons, Dad, J.J, Sarah and myself. We were flown on to a lake in the middle of nowhere (The lake was huge). It took two float planes to take us to our cabin because we had so much stuff! We went fishing all day, only stopping to have lunch back at the cabin. I had more fish during that week then all the fish I've ever eaten in my life. I loved it and was very sad to leave. I am so blessed to have been able to go on this trip:) 
    And now pictures from the coolest fishing trip ever! 

J.J and one of my cousin's fishing off the dock

J.J looked so cute.

The view was beautiful!

Grandpa and Sarah played cribbage every night.

This snapping turtle lived under our dock. I accidentally caught her while fishing off the dock...

My biggest fish!

The last night we stayed up late and played risk.

Our cabin and boats.

We got to eat a ton! we had bacon almost every day for breakfast:)

My cousin's biggest fish, his unfortunately was bigger than mine...

This is the lake we were on, it was huge!

The whole group.

The float plane that picked us up the last day.

All of our luggage (We don't pack lightly) 

I hope that someday we can do this again but if we don't I will always remember the best fishing trip ever!

Thanks for reading!