Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Film cameras

   Old cameras intrigue me. I look at them and wonder how did photographers do it? How did they restrain themselves from taking 1,000 pictures every time they took out their camera? Now a days we can take as many pictures as we want look at them on a camera screen or computer screen then delete all the ones that we don't like. We are very spoiled if you ask me. Film photographers had to know their art very well. I'm sure they messed up but they had to learn from it or else they would be wasting to much film. They learned how to use a dark room (Walgreen's hasn't been around for that long). They probably developed every picture they took. I'm sure they worried that they didn't take enough or messed up on a major picture. When they were done developing they could hold every picture they took. I envy that. They would take 50 pictures, develop them and then they could hold all of them. Now we take 500 pictures maybe print out 5 then basically never see them again. This saddens me. Someday I will learn to be a film photographer. Everything will not be automatic but manual. It will be real no photoshop no fixed lighting. Real. Someday I will do this......



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