Monday, November 18, 2013

Nebraska in the fall

   I advise you if you would like to go on a trip in late October/early November go to Nebraska.  Some people may think of Nebraska as a somewhat boring state with open land everywhere. Well the open land part it true but that doesn't mean it is not an exciting place to be. Think about it. Warmer temps then Minnesota, fall colors that haven't blown away yet and foot ball! (I won't continue on the football part because I could possibly rant about that). But the colors are beautiful! I think I saw more red and yellow trees in the few days I was there then I saw in the entire month of October.
   Since you probably didn't go to Nebraska this fall I will show you just a small portion of God's amazing beauty through pictures (Which really don't do them justice).


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  1. Hannah, I love these photos! Especially the wheat one- beautiful!