Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Portrait Shoot: Sarah

   As I was looking through my pictures a week ago I realized that I haven't had a photo shoot with Sarah since well over three years ago. So we scheduled a time and place. The nice thing about taking your siblings photos is you know their personality very well. You know their likes and dislikes.  In a way you know what kind of pictures they would want. Sometimes that can be difficult with people you have known for a short time. It is also easy for another reason. I didn't have to drive anywhere! 
    One of the things that everyone should know about Sarah is that she loves horses. There is a difference between 'liking' horses and 'loving' horses. If you like someone you wouldn't generally be mean to them right? But if you love someone you may need to correct them in some way. That is what Sarah does with horses. She corrects them in a nice way (or harsher if it is needed). I seriously think that one day she could become the horse whisperer.
   There are a few things that you need to know about photographing a horse. The horses ears need to be forward. If they are back it looks like they are mad at you.  But keeping them forward can be a maddening process. In a way it is very similar to keeping a baby looking at you. I was jumping and clapping and basically doing anything that would get her attention. I even had the cat by my feet in hopes that she would look at it and perk up. Sarah is my assistant but unfortunately she was in the pictures and couldn't really help.
   In the end after all the jumping and clapping I think that we got quite a few good ones. 

(See what I mean? The ears can change the entire picture.)


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