Monday, March 31, 2014

Bible Quizzing

   Last weekend my sisters and I had the amazing privilege to go to a quizzing tournament in Wisconsin. It was a huge encouragement to meet other teenagers who have been memorizing all school year long as well And it was a lot of fun.

The Upper division Team!
Sarah, Rebekka, Sara, Myself, Our coach Jess

 Our matching shoes.

Lower Division team.
Elaine, Cheyenne, Allison, Rhea, Robert

 Trying to relax between quizzes.

 Getting ready for one of our quizzes. (I was slightly nervous)

 A really cool but random 7up machine.

We quiz for a church near our house called Oxlip e-free

 Our three best quizzers! Cheyenne got 2nd overall lower division, Sarah got 1st overall upper division and Allison got 9th overall lower division.


Our amazing coach who works so hard to help us get ready for these things! Thanks Nadette! 

the skyline of St. Paul as we headed home.


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