Monday, March 3, 2014


   The snow here hasn't started melting yet. In some places the snow is up to my waist. I long for spring to come. We are only 17 day's away from spring but that doesn't really mean anything. Spring comes when it wants in Minnesota. Sometimes we have snow on the ground till May. Sometimes we can't see out our windows because it is so deep. Other times we can still see the ground in January. I can only remember one Christmas when it wasn't white.
   Sometimes I want to feel depressed because of all the snow. Then I realize that God has made season's and they don't all last forever. There will be days again when the ground is be green. There will be days when I don't want to leave the house because it is so hot out. I dream of winter in the summer and in winter I dream of summer. I want to remember to be thankful in every season no matter what the temperature. So for now I will be thankful for the beautiful white snow that won't last forever.


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