Saturday, April 19, 2014

Straight out of the Camera

   One of my goals with photography is that the images I take look great as soon as the shutter button goes down and the image is recorded. I feel that I spend so much time post production 'fixing' my pictures so that I'm not embarrassed by them. I am starting to realize that all the editing in the world is not going to make a bad picture look good. You don't learn from your greatest success you learn from your greatest failure. So why do I not want to fail? That's who I am. I like things to be perfect and want things to look the best. I am starting to learn that I need to work more on the skill of photography rather than the skill of being able to navigate Photoshop. Once I start to get my head in that place of learning things go much better. But sometimes I seem to think that I know everything there is to know about photography. Then I get slapped in the face by something I never knew before. I want to have a learning mentality. 'Want' is the key of that last sentence. I don't have a learning mentality. Only with God's help can I be humble and learn.
    Now I'm rambling but it feels good. I think the true 'Hannah' comes out when I know no one is watching. I feel with this blog it is  my 'secret' place to put my pictures and some of my thoughts. I can't seem to get my thoughts out on paper in a way that is pleasing. So I don't write. If I do I hide it in places I hope will never see another human eye. That is why you don't see many words on this blog. Here I go again afraid of failure. Afraid that someone is going to say to my face that I am a terrible writer and better not harm humanity with my written words. I fear man too much.
   Back to photography. One of the things that I have just recently been slapped in the face with is White Balance (Or WB). Who knew that keeping it on AWB isn't the best thing? I certainly didn't think that one through. I read up on it a little bit (the internet is so useful!) and tried to wrap this small brain of mine around it. I've been messing with it as of late and have enjoyed the results immensely. I still have a lot to learn about it but I am finally realizing that is a good thing. I'm never going to be able to know all there is about photography but I should learn as much as I can.
   If you have read this far thank you! I haven't written this much in a public place in a long time. It actually feels good! I may have a certain sibling come tell me that a certain word I used is actually not the correct one for the context it was in. Oh well you learn from failure right?
   Back to the actually topic of straight of of the camera. please enjoy these pictures that have never seen the light of Photoshop.


   As I looked through these pictures I realized that my blog consists of mainly Carson. I shall try to expand my horizons a bit by not taking so many pictures of him and trying to find other subjects. But really who can resist that bed head!?

Thanks for reading!


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