Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Travel the lesser known paths

   Flying. That is the one word I think of when I am on a bike. I am flying over the road hardly touching it. Exploring new places. Seeing new things. Learning that there is more to this world than my little street and my little town. Learning that I can travel far with just my legs and a bicycle.
   Gifts are amazing things. My gift for graduation was a new bike. When I got on this bike I started to fly. I couldn't go slow. I had to move. Once I started to fly I had to go see was adventures awaited me. I have thoroughly enjoyed these adventures. Getting lost. being chased by dogs. getting passed by other bikers. Using a roundabout on a bike. Accidentally hitting rumble strips. I have gone near and far and have learned many things. What a blessing a bike can be. So long world I must climb onto my saddle and ride off into the sunset to see what adventures I can find. 


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