Saturday, July 5, 2014

Back to the 50's

   A couple weeks ago my Dad took J.J, Carson and myself to the back to the 50's car show. I love hanging out with my boys (as I like to call them). We enjoyed looking at the hundreds of cars they had. We went last year so I was determined to take more pictures again this year. For some reason I think that old cars are very photogenic. I hope to someday have one of my own if not to drive then for a prop for photo shoots. It was hard to take good pictures of them because there were so many people around and I couldn't just really stop to take a picture. At one point I did stop and almost got run over. The car show is held at the MN state fair grounds every year. It's the 2nd largest car show in the world! I'm pretty sure I walked like 10 miles that day. Well maybe not 10 but my legs felt like it. Dad did buy us some treats to help us out one of which was fresh chocolate chip cookies (My favorite!) It was a great time! I now have my fill of old cars (That is until next year.)



  1. Hey girl! Your photography & edits continue to impress :) We were at the car show a few weeks ago too, shooting in all the harsh sunlight was a challenge for me...that and it's easy to get lost when I'm always lagging behind to take a pic :(