Saturday, July 5, 2014


   Talk about crazy! That's what my life has been the past four weeks. I've gone to three different camps one of which I was a camper and two where I was a counselor. The first camp was Worldview Academy where I was a camper. It is an amazing camp. I had probably close to one of the best weeks of my life there. I was a bit overwhelmed with all the sessions (over 24 hours worth) but it was really helpful and it made me think.

  The second camp I went to was Camp Good News. It's a camp for inner city kids to come and learn about Christ. I was a counselor at this one and had a blast with my girls. The ages of the camp range from 8-13 but we have had 6-14 before. I must say it wasn't all fun and games we had some pretty tough stuff go on. But every single one of the kids heard the gospel and that is what we were there to do.

  Last but not least is LWBC (Living Word Bible Camp). I was a counselor at LWBC to 8 beautiful girls. LWBC's goal is much like Camp Good News except for the fact that we generally get kids who come from a better background. Most of the time they have heard the gospel. We encourage them to grow in their faith and if they haven't received Christ yet we encourage them to receive him.

   Even though all of these camps are completely different I had an amazing time at each and met many new people. I played ultimate frisbee until I can barely walk. I sang so much that finally I lost my voice. I played king of the raft till I couldn't play anymore. I ran so much during capture the flag that I pulled multiple muscles in my legs. I got sunburned. I froze. I laughed a ton. But best of all I got to spend time with brothers and sisters in Christ.



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  1. Love this!!! And love you!!!:) Muy Bonita!!!