About me

   My name is Hannah and I'm a photographer well not a professional but I hope to one day be a pro:) I want to be a people photographer as I call it others may call it portrait photography. I also like taking nature photos. I started out just taking pictures with a Sony cyber-shot point and shoot for about a year then for Christmas I received a Sony alpha300 DSLR. I also have an editing program called Photoshop Elements 10 pretty much it's an easier version of Photoshop. I use it on a lot of my photos but not all. My favorite subject is probably my little brother Carson he's now three and the cutest thing you've ever seen:)

Now about my family. There's my Mom and Dad, my older sister Jess (21), myself (18), Sarah (16), Allison (13), Jason aka J.J (11) and Carson, six kids in all:)

   We live out in the middle of nowhere on ten acres. I know it's small but it's the perfect size for us. We have 3 horses Jet, Blaze and Raisins. A pony Apple Jack. Two cats Peter Pan and Cuddles. A bunch of chickens. Last but not least our dogs Cody (the cute one) and Buddy (the dumb one).

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